Abstract Submission

Guideline for Abstraction Submission

1. Abstracts for all oral and poster presentations should be submitted online.

2. The submitted abstract must represent the authors’ original work. The Symposium Scientific Committee     does not proofread or correct spelling, typographical or grammatical errors. And the authors assume sole     responsibility for their manuscript.

3. Deadline is September 15th.

4. The process of validation and acceptance and/or rejection of abstract shall be under the authority of the     Scientific Committee. Authors will be notified the acceptance or rejection of their abstract before October     15th, 2018.

5. At least one author of the accepted abstract has to register and pay the appropriate registration fee before
    the deadline (September 15th, 2018).

6. Any technical question about the abstract submission can contact Feng, Xi fengxi@ciccst.org.cn

Abstract Format

Template download Abstract Template.

  • Please note:
  • 1. Prepared in English, containing title, authors, affiliations, the presenting author’s e-mail address, text and     keywords.
  • 2. Title: Centered, Arial in 14 pt, and bold.
  • 3. The author’s full name (family name,given name) should be centered, Arial in 11 pt, separated with the title     by a blank line.

  • 4. Author’s affiliation
    1.                 A. Centered, Arial in 10 pt.
    2.                 B. The author with two or more affiliations should be numbered by letters, superscripted after the                      author’s name.
    3.                 C. Please include the presenting author’s e-mail address at the end.
  • 5. Text
    1.                 A. Times New Roman in 11.5 pt.
    2.                 B. One blank line between paragraphs.
    3.                 C. Figures are welcomed and tables should not be inclued in the main text.
  • 6. Keywords
    1.                 A. Times New Roman in 11.5 pt,bold.
    2.                 B. Not more than 6 keywords.